SNL has Steve Carells Jeff Bezos mock President Trump

\SNL\ has Steve Carell\s Jeff Bezos mock President Trump

SNL: Steve Carell played Amazons Jeff Bezos to troll Trump over HQ2

An amazingly convincing version of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos by Steve Carell threw serious shade on President Donald Trump in a sly sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Carells Bezos managed to needle Trump that he was 100 times richer, smarter and funnier as he referred to Amazons recent decision to set up new dual headquarters in Queens and Arlington, Virginia.

Election officials in Florida said their ballot machines overheated, causing mismatched results in the recount. Word. They overheated in 2018? With all this technology? I have a watch that can count every step I take and lets me watch porno on the treadmill. For motivation. But your voting machines cant even handle a little recount? How come the IRS never has these problems? I would love to hear, we didnt count your taxes this year because our abacus is busted again. They always make it so simple to pay taxes. Meanwhile, to vote weve got to physically line up on a Tuesday in November like were getting meat rations in the 1930s.

Some folks have speculated that I was somehow trolling President Trump by building one headquarters in his hometown of Queens and the other [near] his current residence of Washington, D.C., thereby overshadowing or humiliating him. But thats simply not true, Carells Bezos calmly explained.

He then displayed several humiliating Trump headlines in his Washington Post — and announced his companys latest post-office-free innovation: Amazon Caravan.

By the way, only New Yorkers could complain about getting 25,000 new jobs. All the cities who lost out must be like, Shut up you whiny bitches. New York basically won the lottery and were like, Eh, but the subways might be slightly more crowded. Meanwhile, people in West Virginia are like, Well, back to the mines. And yeah, I know its going to raise housing prices but its a little late for New Yorkers to complain about rent. I mean, even Amazon had to move to Queens because it couldnt afford to live in Manhattan.

Saturday Night Live mocks Trump-Amazon feud with Steve Carell as Jeff Bezos | TheHill

Any package going to any Trump building will get delivered by hundreds of Honduran and Mexican immigrants and Ill pick up the bill, he explained, unless you order [Trumps book] The Art of the Deal, because that costs more to ship, because its heavier. I guess thats the only book with four Chapter 11s.

Pete Davidson and Chris Redd paid a hip-hop tribute to the endurance of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was recently hospitalized with three broken ribs after falling in her office. McKinnon, who usually plays Ginsburg on Weekend Update, appeared in the video but had little to say. Most of the heavy lifting was done by Davidson and Redd, who traded rhymes like: Supreme Courts a boys club, she holds it down, no cares given / Who else got six movies about her and still living?

One last twist: The Virginia location will be close enough to Arlington National Cemetery so the company can pay our respects to fallen veterans — even when its raining outside.

Carell’s Bezos spent the rest of the message mocking the President who had waged a war on Amazon and its CEO on Twitter. He denied that he’d chosen Trump’s his old hometown of Queens and a location close to his current Washington, D.C. home for the new headquarters as a way of trolling the President.

Steve Carells Jeff Bezos Trolls Trump on SNL: Im Literally 100x Richer

Check out the video of the sketch above, and see if you can recognize the hair the Amazon delivery drones will be wearing.

On the heels of Amazon announcing Arlington, Virginia, and New York’s Queens as the locations of its second headquarters, the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos, played by this week’s host Steve Carell, came out to explain the decision in a special video message on Saturday Night Live.

Jeff Bezos Burned Donald Trump On SNL

New York (CNN)”Saturday Night Live” had a very special message for President Trump from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

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